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Model:   AS-10-36


Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2023
Condition:   Brand New w/Warranty  
Elect./Voltage:   208/230/460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph
EXF #:   ZQ-300012
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AUTO-SERT AS-10-36 Insertion Press 

  • Capacity  Minimum 350 lbs.- Maximum 20,500 lbs. 
  • Throat depth  36  inches
  • Ram stroke  6 inches
  • Hydraulic pressure  Minimum 40 p.s.i. -  Maximum 3,000 p.s.i.
  • Reservoir capacity 12 gallons hydraulic oil (Mobil DTE 26 or equivalent)
  • Dimensions height – 87 in., Width – 38 in., Depth – 64in.
  • Weight  1,900 lbs. 
  • Rigid Construction: 2” thick steel center mainframe. 
  • 36” Throat Depth: Design allows less restriction of movement around ram.
  • Quick Change Tooling: Minimal tools needed for tooling change.
  • Easy Access to All Machine Controls: Controls are convenient to operator from standing or sitting position. Increased operator awareness of control panel 
         indications. Less operator fatigue.
  • Uniform Hydraulic Pressure by Design: No variation in pressure from heat build-up. Hardware installed uniformly in thin, soft aluminum parts at low-pressure
         range down to 350-lbs. force.
  • To install ¼-20 studs in stainless steel, the Auto-Sert AS-10 press has capacity with power to spare.
  • Reliable Safety System: Redundant safety system internally monitored by a micro-controller.
  • Very sensitive pressure sensing device used, plus ¼” window of safety before full tonnage is applied by press in manual operation. Operator can work faster
         with confidence.
  • Digital Countdown Counter for Fasteners: Keeps track of number of hardware in each chassis or part, with automatic reset feature. Operator is alerted to
         hardware forgotten in part. Better quality control.
  • Digital Counter for Part Production: Keeps track of part production to save operator time. Has reset button, automatic record.

    Price Summary:
  • Auto-Sert AS-10 Hydraulic Insertion Press (AS-10)    $ 30,250.
  • Auto-Sert Auto-Feed System (300300)                            5,750.
  • Auto-Sert Shuttle Feed Base Unit (700750)                    1,875.
  • Manual Tooling Package (200200)                                 1,750.
  • Shuttle Change-Over ¼ Stud (700525)                              525.
  • Escapement ¼ Stud (561025)                                           525.
  • Vacuum Anvil (685006)                                                      230.
    T O T A L                                                                          $ 41,005.
Special Note:
Comment: Hardware Insertion You Can Rely On!
Written By: Bill Merrigan  
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