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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us


    Just a few comments surrounding my experience with EX-FACTORY. This was my first experience making a purchase through EX-FACTORY. I have had contact with EXF Sales Staff numerous times over the last year as I searched for several pieces of equipment. - I appreciate the EXF system and service very much and will continue to consult in the future when I am in the market for equipment. - Several comments regarding specific experiences. With the purchase of the Planer, I traveled to Zeeland to see the Planer before purchasing; an approx. 5 hour drive. I liked what I saw and made a deal on the spot. Making the staff in Zeeland aware that this was my first purchase from stateside, and based on the email ads of EXF regarding providing Canadian Customs Brokerate Services, I was counting on the staff to do what was necessary and inform me of what was needed from myself to have a smooth and trouble-free shipping experience. - It didn't quite happen; there were a few glitches, nothing serious, but somewhat stressful for myself being the first experience of this type. Certainly, it was my lack of experience, and now I know how the system works, but I am disappointed in the communication from staff regarding the transportation across border. They should have this down to a science if they are doing it regularly. - Bill Brox

    Just wanted to send you a note of gratitude for your work on the auction. After a few bumps getting going all went well. Also I wanted to let you know that [Auction Administration] was wonderful to work with, and I feel that [you] went over and above to make sure that the after Auction details/payment were handled expeditiously. All in all this was a very positive experience, and I look forward to our future dealings. - Jeff Thorn

    Only able to pickup at a later time because the Seller would not release the saw until EXF check cleared. Seller pushed off pickup an additional 2 days. - David W. Smith

    Never had a problem purchasing from EX-FACTORY. - Don Kovar

    [Product Manager's] knowledge of industrial equipment, and your "FactoryNew" website were key elements in helping us make a decision on the right piece of equipment for our business. Our business is very customer service oriented, and we really appreciate dealing with other businesses that focus on the needs of their customers. Keep up the good work! Thanks. - Dave & Gabriel

    So glad to have found your co. and excellent site…the candy store, I'd call it! - Have just graduated from Boston's North Bennet Street School in preservation carpentry, and used a beautifully maintained 12" Northfield there. Would it be possible to view the machine as it's listed here in the "Northeast?" - Having never dealt with EX-FACTORY, what assurances can I expect as to the condition of any used equipment.? I have bought hand tools at auction and tailgates, and am anticipating some "getting-to-know-you" work on any stationary machines I buy. In any case, I still subscribe to my uncle's advice: "Only buy from someone you know…" thus I am eager to become familiar with EX-FACTORY. (He also was fond of adding, " The only true bargain…is quality.") - Thanks in advance for your assistance. - Greg Cope

    Without the Internet, most of this would be impossible. Thanks for the help! - Joel Van den Top

    Overall positive experience. Questions were answered or information received promptly. Good price and reasonable lead time for new equipment. - Michael L. Nowery

    Great selection of equipment on website. Not too many sites out there that have great pictures and price there. That's why I bought it. Thanks! - Joe Fradette

    Many times we forget to thank those that add to our success. EX-FACTORY is a very important customer to J & G MACHINERY, and we at J & G MACHINERY value the relationship we have with EX-FACTORY, and thank you and your company for all the orders over the years. We enjoy working with everyone in your group. - You run a top notch organization and are truly one of the best "marketing brains" in the industry. - I just thought you should know how much I value your business. - Jerry Johnson


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