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Model:   HMPC-7-24
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2022
Condition:   Brand New w/Warranty  
Elect./Voltage:   230 or 460 V, 60 Cy, 3Ph.
EXF #:   PE-010540
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L-M EQUIPMENT HMPC-7-24 Traveling Arch Saw

The HMPC is engineered to save floor space but still stay within a more economical price range. This machine uses dual ship channels to support the material being cut. By using ship channels the machine has only four footing locations reducing cost in installation and preparation of grade.  
The 24' frame allows for cutting max 20' lumber units, and has the saw carriage drive and arch guide mounted to the frame for a floating saw system. Carriage is powered along the frame using a manual geared drive and rolls on precision v-rollers for optimum alignment and precision. This system has built in variable speed controls and auto braking through the drive. The HMPC comes standard with an on board MCC controlling the saw motor and HPU motor. It features full UL listed and Nema rated Hoffman enclosure. 
Hydraulic hand valves are standard feature for operation of the carriage traverse and the saw cut. A fully adjustable 90degree arch guide holds the bar stable during a cut. This machine is capable of holding a precision of +-0.062".
This system uses a Heavy Duty Saw Carriage on a rigid, engineered stationary frame. Pack cutting 48" x 52" x 20' with accuracy to 1/16".


  • The HMPC drive assembly is powered by a 15 HP motor. The unique drive assembly mounts the 7' stellite inlaid saw bar extremely ridgid, and is designed to create a forgiving drive if pinching should occur.
  • The direct bar and chain lubrication system is automatically activated, when the saw motor is actively engaged. The lubrication point is located to ensure the maximum use of the chain oil, on both the top and bottom, of the saw chain. A (3) gal. reservoir for oil storage is used.
  • The MT 1 take us assembly is used to tension the chain with a spring loaded idler wheel assembly, allowing the chain to remain tight when heat builds up during the cut.
  • The saw carriage is fabricated using profile cut 3/8" and 5/8" steel, which rides on a rigid support frame using V-wheels for ease in positioning and travel.
  • Safety guards and shields to protect the operator. The saw frame is 24" in length.
  • The carriage drive assembly is hygraulically controlled, using a tinsile strength chain which minimizes stretching.
  • Variable sped hydraulic valve activates for precise positioning; 2 HP motor for the hydraulic controls.

  •  Digital Readout:  6 digit Green display for HMPC. Allows operator to read travel distance for multiple cutline positioning with built in chain kerf compensator. Accurate to 000.001".  
  • Dust Collection:  A "Powermatic" PM1900TX-BK3 turbo cone dust collector w/30micron bag filter kit 3HP 3Ph.
    460/230vac. comes with MCC onboard. 15ft. of 6" flex hose, and all hardware needed. Wireless start stop controls included. Dual bag system with 10Cu. Ft. capacity.
  •  Red Laser Line Guide: The laser line guide consist of one “Red” laser line positioned in line with the saw blade for easy identification of the saw line during positioning. The operator can slow the carriage speed to a creep during approach to the laser line until the desired positioned is achieved. This laser is designed for indoor use, but is rated for outdoor use. 
  •  DE-7-063 (Spare): Verticut 7'  Abrasion Resistant Sawbar .404 Pitch/.063Guage. 
  •  B3LM (236dl) (Spare): Carlton B3LM saw chain custom filed to VPC-LM profile. 236Drive Links fits 7' DE bar. 
  •  Waste Dump Bins: Optional self dumping dump bins. System takes up to 4 bins. 
  •  Waste Conveyor System: A custom made waste conveyor system can be installed under the saw line for end trim waste to be carried away from the cut area. This heavy duty conveyor is made with the same attention to detail and functionality that we provide on our saws. A 2 HP geared drive operates the paddle chain. A full length horizontal to an incline for a drop height that fits most standard waste bins.


Special Note:
Comment: Pallet, truss and lumber yards, great accurate way to cut pack lumber!
Written By: Bernie Straple  
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