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Model:   HP 6018D-2000I
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2021
Condition:   Brand New w/Warranty  
Elect./Voltage:   240 or 480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph
EXF #:   LW-300048
List Price:   $ 539,000  
Our Price:   $ 510,000 USD     (Convert)
Financing: $ 10,136 National Capital Leasing
Description:    (view full)

HYMSON HP 6018D-2000i CNC Fiber Tube Laser

The new HP "D-Series" 2000 Watt Round or Square Tube Cutting Fiber Laser is a "new generation" ultra high speed intelligent machine tool with an amazingly fast, up to 140 m/Min (460 FPM) positioning speed. Built on and integrated into Honeycomb structure machine base (HYMSON patented feature) insures the most stable platform for the most accurate precision cuts, absorbs vibration from extreme acceleration and deceleration and ensures a long operating life.


  • Automatic loading and off-loading platform, high speed tube change, easy repeat cutting and engineered for years of efficient operation.
  •  Double-acting pneumatic chuck, high precision positioning, and can cut a wide variety of tube types (round, square or rectangular with different thicknesses.
  • HP "D-Series" is highly automated, with 5-axis linkage, ultra-fast rotation & movement and with high-precision positioning - allowing for (24) Hours of continuous accurate cutting.
  • RADAN Programmable Nesting Software
    Capacity - Material Processing:
  • Diameter, Round Tube  0.787" - 7.086"  (20 mm  -  180 mm)
  • Diameter, Square Tube  0.787" - 5.118"  (20 mm  -  130 mm)
  •  Length up to 244"  (6200 mm)
  • Maximum single tube weight  37.4 Lbs per 39"   (17 kG/Meter)

    Axis Travel & Positioning Sped:
  • X-Axis travel 0 - 267"  (0 - 6800 mm)
  • X-Axis positioning speed  4772  IPM  (120 m/Min)
  • X-Axis positioning accuracy 0.0019"  (0.05 mm)
  • X-Axis positioning repeatability 0.0019"  (0.05 mm)

  • Y-Axis travel -5.5" -  5.9"  ( -140 - 150 mm)
  • Y-Axis positioning speed  3149 IPM  (80 m/Min)
  • Y-Axis positioning accuracy  0.0019"  (0.05 mm)
  • Y-Axis positioning repeatability 0.0011"  (0.03 mm)

  • Z-Axis travel 0 - 7.08"  ( 0 - 180 mm)
  • Z-Axis positioning speed  2,362 IPM  (60 m/Min)
  • A & B-Axis rotation speed  120 RPM

    BECKHOFF ETHERCAT BUS Control Platform
  • All modules are based on EtherCAT bus control technology, single CPU completes all data processing.
  • The equipment uses BECKHOFF CNC cutting system, equipped with a large screen display and is based on Windows operation system, BECKHOFF integrates a lot of laser cutting modules with special functions. Equipped with a wireless keyboard and mouse, the operation is simple and easy.
  •  HYMSON provides fully functional RADAN Cutting Software. This software is a complete set of integrated tube metal CAD/CAM automatic programming software from design to production. It features rich functions, high degree of simplification and optimization of the cutting process, and a significant increase in operator efficiency and productivity.
  • RADAN Nesting Software supports the CNC operation of the entire machining process, including drawing, automatic or interactive processing, post processing, CNC program simulation, manual and automatic nesting, NC file download and upload. 
  • In order to obtain high-quality accurate right angles, the software is equipped with real-time frequency and power curves, and the power of the laser radiation is automatically adjusted according to the speed of movement of the cutting head.
  • The software has its own dedicated process library, and it selects the corresponding material library parameters according to different materials, and it is convenient to modify the storage operation.
  • It can directly input graphic files generated by well known CAD software such as AutoCAD, SolidEdge, and SolidWork, etc. The software supports many different numerical control devices.
  • The simplicity of TwinCAT software allows you to shorten the basic work of learning machines. The software integrates a variety of laser cutting modules with special functions. The interface is user-friendly and easy to operate. This will have a positive impact on production costs. TwinCAT software also offers free upgrades
  • The engraving and cutting modes are set individually by the operator before the cutting starts. The operator can reconfigure the machine and enter new settings without having to stop the material handling process. Switching between modes occurs automatically, which increases the productivity of the cutting.
  • Suitable for high velocity accelerated condition, uses original BECKHOFF Servo drivers, adjusted by HYMSON technical team, providing dynamic performance.
  • High speed communications: Avoid system performance loss and signal interference, real-time Ethernet communications, guarantee reliability. User-friendly interface, reducing training time, easy for recruitment and operation.
  • System displays all of the laser and machine operating conditions, including but are not limited to: cutting data library, axis position, feed rate, program execution, programs in memory, machine alarms, machine parameters, diagnostics, and maintenance reminders

    Equipped with:
  • IPG/USA 2000 Watt Fiber Laser Source
  • PRECITEC Laser Head with IPG Laser Source
  •  BECKHOFF control system and REXROTH servo motors
  • AVENTICS/REXROTH (Germany) proportional valve
  • Dual 4-Jaw chucks with automatic dimension setting - no 2nd time adjustment.
  •  Intelligent Fume and Dust Exhaust system opens exhaust gates only where cutting is occurring.
  • Electric cabinet separated from machine with constant temperature air conditioner ensuring a long stable lifetime even in the most hostile environments.
  • Environment friendly industrial Water-Cooling Chiller
  • Automatic Lubrication system
  • Safety light curtains

    Includes Optional: "Automatic Loading & Unloading System" featuring APEX Rack & Pinion, HIWIN Guides - Max. tube length loading 6200 mm (244") and 3000 mm (118") unloading; Bar (Tube) weight up to 25 kG (55 Lbs) per meter length.
Special Note:
Comment: A superbly engineered Tube Cutting Fiber Laser w/Loading & Off-Loading!
Written By: Bill Merrigan  
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