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Model:   2037MW-D
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2022
Condition:   Brand New w/Warranty  
EXF #:   FQ-300012
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  • The Model 2037MW-D has the following specifications. This wet operation 37" wide, single drum head machine is engineered and built with heavy and versatile production needs in mind and is constructed to give the machine long life and durability. The model 2037MW-D consists of a 37" x 75" abrasive belt sanding head. The sanding station has spray headers which disperse coolant on both sides of the contact points which allows for cleaner, cooler, longer lasting abrasives which provides for the highest quality finished parts.
  • The sanding station consists of a 200mm contact drum powered by 25 HP motor in the sanding station for polishing or cleaning up heavy burrs/dross. The sanding station also has heavy duty spring loaded pinch rolls on each side of the media contact/sanding area. These pinch rolls will ensure that the part being sanded is held down to the conveyor belt properly to ensure the part is able to pass through the machine with little chance for the part being processed to slip.
  • The Model 2037MW-D also comes with a motorized conveyor table to allow operator to easily change to the desired thickness. This unit also comes with a variable frequency drive on the conveyor drive motor, allowing the operator to adjust the conveyor feed speed from 5 to 20 feet per minute by simply turning a dial on the control panel. The sanding head is powered by a 25 HP motor. A pivoting door is positioned above conveyor at the infeed area and acts as an e-stop for the operator when loading the machine. This pivoting door will activate a limit switch which will shut down the abrasive belt head and conveyor feed in emergency situations such as a part that is too thick or doubled stacked tries to enter the machine, preventing damage to the machine or possible injury.
  • The thickness setting for the conveyor bed is motor driven and comes with a digital programmable keypad. This allows for quick changes in thickness settings of materials to be processed. And has a programmable thickness setting feature for storing up to ten presets.
  • The machine comes with a digital thickness indicator for the conveyor bed position in relation to grinding belt for an accurate set-up to .001". This indicator will also allow the operator to enter in a desired thickness setting and as the hits enter the machine will close to or open up to the position entered by the operator. The conveyor bed is supported with four heavy duty jacks to ensure stability and precision needed when running heavier parts.
  • An Air-operated disc brake system is used to stop the contact roll to assure consistent abrasive belt and brush head stoppage in approximately three seconds. The braking system is interlocked with all safety shut down functions for operator safety This braking system will allow for long life under continuous braking and has non-sparking replaceable pads for easy maintenance. The brake disc is located on the main motor shaft allowing easy access for maintenance/replacement.
  • A centralized control panel is used for the simple operator controls for machine operation. Conveyor feed, speed, abrasive belt and/or brush head are controlled at this centralized station. An Amperage load meter is also provided near the control to show the exact percentage of main motor horsepower being used during operation.
  • An hour meter inside the electrical box shows the actual running time of the machine. This will assist maintenance / service personnel with scheduled lubrication of key components at proper intervals tracking abrasive life.

  • Abrasive Belt Size:  37" x 75"   (939.8 mm x 1905 mm)
  • Abrasive Contact Drum Size:  6" Diameter  (152.4 mm)
  • Maximum Width Stock:  36"  (914.4 mm)
  • Minimum Part Length:  10"  (254 mm)
  • Machine Opening:  0-6"  (0-152.4 mm)
  • Feed Speed:  5-25 FPM  (7.62 m/min)
  • Full Load amps @ 230 volt:  56
  • Motor:  25 HP
  • Passline Height:  34-40" variable  (863.6 mm - 1016 mm variable)
  • Compressed Air Requirement:  2 CFM @ 90 PSI
  • Approx. Shipping Weight:  4,250 lbs. 
  • Voltage/Phase/Frequency:  230/3/60  (460 available at no additional charge)

  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) on main motor:  $3,985.00
  • UL Certification:  $4,995.00
  • Set-Up & Installation:  $2,500.00
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Written By: Nick Lange  
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