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Model:   5A 130MM 3.2M
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2017
Condition:   Like New   
Elect./Voltage:   480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 850,000
Price:   Please call     (Convert)
Region:   MIDWEST (Click for Regional Map)
EXF #:   VQ-010188  
Description:   (view full)

XENA 5A 130MM 3.2M 5" 5-Axis CNC Horizontal Boring Mill


  Table: 72" x 63"

  Table Height: 56"

  Max. Table Weight: 17,000 lbs

     - X-Axis: 126"
     - Y-Axis: 78.7"
     - Z-Axis: 78.7"
     - W-Axis: 35.4"

     - Diameter: 5" (130mm)
     - Nose: BT-50 or CAT-50
     - Speed: 10 - 2000 RPM
     - Spindle Motor: 26HP
     - Speed Ratio: 3 (gearbox)

     - Fast Feed (X-Y-Z): 472 IPM  (10m/min)
     - Fast Feed (W): 400 IPM (6m/min)
     - Cutting feed: 200 IPM  (5m/min)
     - Table '' B '': 4 RPM

     - Number of tools: 60 tools (BT or CAT-50) '' ARM TYPE '' (currently on BT)
     - Max Tool Weight: 55 lbs
     - Max Tool Length: 15.7"
     - Max Tool Diameter: 5" (10" without Adjacent Tools)
     - Change Time: 15 sec.

  Machine Weight (approx.): 118,000 lbs

  Machine  Dimensions (approx.): 295" x 301" x 213.5"

  Voltage: 440V 60Hz 3Ph

Equipped with:

  15'' Touch Screen with Three Modes of Operation
     - Manual Mode
     - Manual Assisted Mode (TACHYON)
     - FAGOR 8070 "CNC" Mode, Conversational, and/or G Code

  Controller: 5 Simultaneous Axis

  Axis "B" @ 360,000 Position (+/- 10 μ) with Possibility of Machining in 4 Simultaneous Axes on the Table.

  PROBE - Renishaw (RTS + RMP60 (Q) + RMI-Q) Automatic Tool Length & Workpiece Probing System

  W 400mm Extension Support for Vibration-Free Power Machining Up to the Center of the Table

  CTS "Coolant" High Pressure Through Spindle) (15bar = 215 psi)

  Automatic Power Off

  Hydraulic Unit

  Automatic Lubrication

  Alarm Light Tower

  Full Enclosure (Required with CTS)

  LED Full Interior Lighting

  M.P.G. 5 Axis

  Linear Positioning Glass Scale on the X, Y, and Z Axes

  Heat Exchanger

  Chip Conveyors

  Rotary Table with 3-jaw hydraulic chuck (20") with a 6" Bore

  HD Rolling Center with a 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck (16")

  Hydraulic Brakes on Both Ends

  Permanent Adapter for: (Combined with Tool Changer)
     - 2 heads at 90°: (1) mini 50/30 + (1) STD 50/50
     - 1 Straight Extension 50/50

  5th Axis Installed on Table with Base
     - Central Connection From Top of Enclosure for Full Pivoting
     - Possibility of 5 Axis Simultaneously


  TACHYON / FAGOR controller incorporates a '' TeamViewer '' interface, making it is possible to check and diagnose the machine, remotely via the internet. This feature helps eliminate costly, and often unnecessary, technician travel when it comes only to parameters and/or programming.

  Includes 1 Year Warranty

  Under (500) Hours of Usage

Ex-Factory provides the metal forming and fabrication industry with production machinery.  Turn-Key services are available for a “piece-of-mind” transaction.  From logistics and transportation services, to financing and installation resources, Ex-Factory is your premier machinery provider.  Horizontal boring mills, plate rolls, gun drills, screw machines, gear hobbers, and gear grinders are just a few categories in the over 6,000 machines listed at exfactory.com.

    Special Note:
    Written By: Marvin Spehar  
    *Dimensions:Available from product manager
    *Weight:Please call
    *Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.

    Horizontal boring mills come in two types - Floor type and table type.  Both will have a spindle that moves towards the part on a plane horizontal to the floor.  Most modern table type boring mills will be smaller tables with less weight capacity, but may have a rotation axis that allows them to turn and index like a lazy susan.  These are what the workpiece is fixed to.  Floor types are generally for larger pieces.  Some of them can run on rails that take up a whole room.

    Another type of boring mill is the vertical boring mill, which is generally the same thing as a vertical turret lathe.  The difference is that the whole base of the machine will normally function like a chuck, rotating the part fixed to it to be turned (or machined in more modern CNC machines) and cut.

    CNC Horizontal and Vertical boring mills cost more money, but has modern controls and programming.  The pricing difference can be enormous and will often not be justifiable if the customer is not a production or very high margin shop.  If manual, do they need a D.R.O. (Digital Read Out)- a DRO shows the position and if so, 3 or 4 axis?