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EXF #:   VC-010442  


Model:   PULCHRA 45-3400
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2006
Condition:   Reconditioned   
Elect./Voltage:   220/400/440 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph
Value New:   € 235,000
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Region:   EUROPE (Click for Regional Map)
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MONGUZZI PULCHRA 45-3400 ...Double-Knife Jointing Guillotine with integral Glue Applicator on both sides. Fully automatic trimming/jointing, gluing and discharging. One operator can cut and glue up to (2.5/3.0) bundles per minute.

   Overall Specs:  134" (3,400 mm) Max.cutting length. Min. cutting length: 1050 mm (41.3"). Cutting width (cross grain continuously): 65 - 450 mm (1.38" -  17.72"). Cutting width (cross grain discontinuously) 450 - 800 mm (17.72" - 31.5"). Strip thickness: 0.4 - 1.5 mm (0.016 - 0.059").  Beam opening of clamps: 10 -  25 mm (0.394" - 0.984").

  Capacity:  a. Cycle time (2 cuts & glue application continuously): 25 sec.;  Approx speed - 2.5/3.0 bundles/min.
                   b.  Cycle time: (2 cuts & gluing discontinuously): 40 sec.; Approx speed - 1.5 bundles/min.

  Glue Application:  Glue types:  PVAc / UREA; Glue Fill quantity: 2 x 2.5 liters; Maximum glue application speed: 38 m/min.


  Pre-Feeding & Optimization Device. Bundles place on pre-feeder and aligned on the gripper shafts. Manually move laser to position back-knife & max number of yields is fed to computer by push of a button.

  Frontal pressure beam presses the veneer bundle and clamps for both cutting and gluing. Ensures gapless glue application especially on buckled veneers.

  Front and Rear knives cut the bundle at exactly same parallel/straight time. Swinging knife movement trims edges clean and square. Knives cut into a flexible plastic strip.

  Front and rear glue heads apply glue by traversing on both sides. Glue application occurs at same clamping to further ensure gapless application. Large volume Glue pots are chilled to maximize operating time without refilling.

  Three veneer bundles are simultaneously processed in continuous mode: the first on the pre-feeding and optimization device, the second under the front pressure beam and the third under the rear pressure beam in front of the automatic discharge system.

  After cutting/gluing bundles are automatically moved by discharge system & transferred to a roller conveyor (for angular outfeed to a fanning station -not included).

 constant surface pressure on the veneer bundle during trimming and gluing accounts for precise glue application along the bundle’s edge, even with buckled sliced and rotary cut veneers

 high cutting quality and perfect squared-edge cuts due to the swinging knife movement

 highest possible level of automation owing to fully automatic trimming, gluing and discharging processes

 special control modes allow to split up or to double cut veneer bundles

  Computer Control:  Windows based computer allows selection of programs and operational modes. Position control based on a micro-processor with storage capability for most common widths and accounts for economic optimization and yield.

  Machine Services:  Electric load: 25 KW; Approx. Elec. consumption: 18 KWh; electrical components: SIEMENS  Compressed air: 6 bar (90 PSI). Air consumption: 70 Nl. Hydraulic system: VICKERS; Hydraulic oil fill capacity: 250 liters.

  Machine Dimensions/Weight: 8550  x  5275  x  2000 mm (338" x 207" x 79"); Net weight: 19,000 KG  (41,800 Lbs).

  Outstanding Feature of this Offer: Machine is offered as "overhauled and painted" with a Warranty:  "12  MONTHS FROM THE DELIVERY, EXCLUDED SHARPENING OF THE KNIVES".

    Special Note: SOLD
    Comment: Italian made Monguzzi is the Cadillac of veneer processing machinery.
    Written By: Tony Cornacchione  
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