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Model:   TL-6-59-114
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2006
Condition:   Good condition   
Elect./Voltage:   460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 220,000
Price:   Please call     (Convert)
Region:   NORTHWEST (Click for Regional Map)
EXF #:   PM-280338  
Description:   (view full)

SHAW-ALMEX  TL6-59-114 Thermo-Laminating Press with Membrane installed and Single Tray..

Membrane or "membranelles" operation for vinyl foils & veneer products;  switch at the control console it changes from membrane to membranelles pressing. Membranes are normally about 3 mm thick.

Principle of Operation:

Uses "high volume" air pressure from 240 Gal storage tank and a powerful 5 HP vacuum pump producing suction. Both pressure and vacuum are applied at the same time. Works without hydraulic cylinders:
A platen size rubber pressure air bag under the lower platen (bolster) inflates and can withstand pressure up to 300 PSI.  Deflating it opens and closes the press. The vacuum sucks down the vinyl to the substrate. 

 59" x 114" Aluminum top platen w/clamped on membrane. Top platen resistance silicone heater elements, 150° - 350° F max. temperature with infinite control, approx. 15 KW heating elements in each platen.
Lower press platen reinforced rubber pressure bag integrated below the platen, 70 PSI max. pressure resists the pressure developed by the upper inflatable membrane. 

Tray Table: 
  Single tray shuttle infeed for loading and unloading, 59" x 114" aluminum top platen. Tray dimensions 52" x 107", 1.0" max. part thickness. They shuttle in and out of press on track guided for loading and unloading.
Capacity:  Approx 52" x 107",  Max. part size in each tray. Max. unit laminating pressure is about 84 PSI.

Features & Includes:  
ALLEN-BRADLEY "SLC 500" series PLC control  for press cycle, pressure and heat controls, built in to the 114" side press for space savings and with cooling ventilation. 
Comes with: (2)  roll Foil Storage Rack. Manual pin system, and a Membrane.

Power requirements 30 KW.


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