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Model:   TL-5-4-8
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2000
Condition:   Very good condition   
Elect./Voltage:   575 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 215,000
Price:   Please call     (Convert)
Region:   ATLANTIC CDN (Click for Regional Map)
EXF #:   PM-010501  
Description:   (view full)

SHAW ALMEX TL-5-4-8 Thermo-Laminating Press, 
Membrane or membraneless operation for vinyl & veneer products; works without hydraulic cylinders.

Equipped with: 

  A platen size rubber pressure bag under the lower platen tray inflates and can generate up to 300 PSI pressure.

  (2) Tray shuttle infeed for loading-and-unloading.; shuttle tray size of 50" x 103".


  51" x 106" Approx. Aluminum top platen w/clamped on the membrane, 51" x 106" (inside dimensions of trays) max. part size for full wrap, 4" max. part thickness.

  Top platen & infeed lower tray with Resistance Silicone heater elements, 150°C ( 302)° F max. temperature with infinite control, 21 kW heating elements in each platen.

  Lower press platen: Full platen size reinforced rubber pressure bag integrated below the platen underneath in the loading tray, 300 PSI max. pressure resists the pressure developed by the upper inflatable membrane. 

Operation & Controls: 

  Free-standing operator control cabinet with PLC control for Press cycle, pressure and heat controls.

  ALLEN BRANDLEY "PANELVIEW 550" display & operator control panel with functional push-buttons; allows proper sequencing for the Press operations; rapid diagnostics for troubleshooting; safety interlocks top platen protect operator & equipment.

Extras, included:

  New, never installed parts, included are: Marinate boards/Top platen insulation worth about $US 12k, and Top Heating element worth $US 6,400. 

  Set of magnetic spacers as per video are included.

Actual model is ....TL5-4-9.
NOTE 1: Video shows one table as other table is in storage and was not utilized.

  NOTE 2: Availability is on hold as owner is still using it.

    Special Note: Best Buy
    Comment: Canadian made and with a lot of extras!.
    Written By: Tony Cornacchione  
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