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Year of Mfg.:   N/A
Condition:   Good Condition   
Value New:   $ 45,000
Price:   $ 26,900 USD     (Convert)
Financing: $ 547 National Capital Leasing
EXF #:   FC-010480  
Description:   (view full)

This is a CIII INDUSTRIES STAIN BOSS  flow coater with a width capacity of 16 inches and thickness up to 8 inches.  This machine looks rough but it has just recently been restored by the manufacturer and the invoice showing work done is attached in this listing. 

Here are some basic set up and operating steps:
Adjust the lumber guides to 1/8” wider than the board to be run.  Next adjust the pinch roll parallel with the face of the board.  Then insert the board into the machine and adjust the pinch roll just tight enough for the drive roll to pull the board through the machine.  Position the nozzles so the coating makes contact with the face and edges of the board.  The bottom nozzles should be aimed toward the back of the board and the drive roll surface

With the board in the machine, adjust the first top brush to be parallel with face of the board.  Then lower the brush until even contact is made with the board.  Finally, lower the brush an additional three turns on each side.

Next, set the second top brush in the same manner to the contact point.  Lower this brush an additional one and one half turns on each side.
Finally, adjust the side brushes into the board at a depth of 1/4 of an inch.

Adjust the first brush set to a speed fast enough to push back a wave of coating.  The second brush set should be adjusted to a slower speed - just fast enough to even out inconsistencies in the coating.  The side brush speed should be set just fast enough to effectively brush the sides.

Drive roll speed or line speed should be set as fast as the brush settings will allow - still maintaining consistent coating coverage.

Set the air regulator to 60 psi.  Once this is set you will not need to change it.  Use the gate valve to adjust the air flow to the pump to control the coating volume.

Do not run the pump with the ball valves closed!  Doing so will create a tremendous back pressure in the coating system and when a valve is opened will cause a high pressure blast of coating to exit the nozzle.  

Always adjust the ball valves to a partially open position – never wide open.  You will control the amount of coating to each nozzle by the position of the ball valves.  The partially opened valves help reduce any pulsation caused by the strokes of the pump.  The coating will flow more smoothly with some back pressure against the pump.  Note: The top valve is closed since it is only used for the cleanup hose.

NOTE:, the pictures if this listing are of the machine where it was in its previous location prior to putting in storage with the current owner.


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