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For Immediate Answers Contact:

Bob Bullin
(800) 374-5009 ext. 346
Intl. +1 (704) 841-2001

If not available, try his/her backup:
Louis Sicotte ext.329
EXF #:   EO-012367  


Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2015
Condition:   Cleaned and checked   
Elect./Voltage:   230/460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 79,000
Price:   $ 38,000 USD    
Financing: $ 773 National Capital Leasing
Region:   MID ATLANTIC (Click for Regional Map)




  Working Capacity:
Edge thickness min./max. 0.4 - 3 mm (0.02 - 0.12"), coiled material, optional with flush cutters  max. 6 mm (0.24");

Panel thickness 6 - 60 mm (0.236 - 2.362"), workpiece width min. of 65 mm (2.559"); workpiece length min. 160 mm (6.299"); Feed speed 10 MPM (33 FPM).

Machine In-Feed Configuration:

  Pre-Milling Station "1801": 2 x 1.2 KW (1.6 HP) - 12,000 RPM motors; Diamond cutter-heads with ProLock quick clamping system. Quick-Lock adjustable in-feed fence with digital indicator.

  Edge Magazine "1903": for coil and strip processing, utilizing motion detector to ensure accurate, trouble-free positioning of edge material; exclusive "Tractor-Belt feed System", edge guide equipped with automatic guillotine lock-out for safety, 3° approach angle allows easy feeding of solid wood edges.

  Pressure Section "1912-3": with (1) large driven (synchronized with feed-speed) roller and (2) cantered idle rollers, adjustable by hand wheel and scale.

  GLUING SYSTEM "1906 MG"  (Glue Jet)... Processes "EVA" or "PUR" Glue in Cartridge or Granulate Form,

Granulate requires an "optional" hopper - see posted literature Page-8 for more details.

Upper glue line height positioning is set automatically with hold-down beam setting. Heat-up time to ready stage takes only 2 - 3 minutes!


  End Trimming Unit "1918P": Front & rear 2 x 0.45 KW (0.6 HP) - 9,000 RPM motor each,

Uni-point swivel-axis for no re-indexing when changing from flush to bevel end trim (0° - 10° bevel),"PCS" programmable pneumatic change-over from flush to bevel.

  Flush/Bevel/Radius Combination Trimming Unit "1827 MOT4": Flush 6 mm, radius 3 mm trimming, servo controlled, 2 @ servo motors (1) for horizontal copy wheel & (1) for tool spindle position) programmable top & bottom unit 2 x 0.65 KW (0.88 HP) - 12,000 RPM each motor.

Uni-Point design with no second adjustment, pneumatic, programmable tilt action for changing the degree of bevel,

Digital counters for vertical copy wheel position and pneumatic air cylinder for in/out pre-positioning of trimming motor.

  Corner Rounding Unit "1832": (1) Motor 0.22 KW (0.30 HP) - 9000 RPM for up to 3 mm edge thickness and work-piece thickness min./max. 12 - 60 mm (0.473 - 2.362"), max. feed speed 10 MPM (33 FMP).

  Profile Scraping Unit "1929-MOT2": Top/Bottom, servo motor controlled/programmable knife position, vertical copy wheel adjustment with quick setting spindle - for PVC edges,

Reversible insert carbide knives, equipped with air-jet blowers and chip collector box.

  Glue Scraping Unit "1964": Flat surface, top/bottom, ball bearing guided and pneumatic controlled. Reversible - replaceable knife inserts and blow-off nozzles.

  Buffing Station "1940": Top & bottom, 2 x 0.09 KW (0.25 HP) buffing motors with 150 mm ( 6.0") cloth buffing wheel diameter, adjusts in any direction (vertical tilt is 0° - 5°, horizontal swivel is 0° - 20°); 1,440 RPM wheel rotation.

Machine Control:

  PC Front End with Holz-Her "PPC 221 Power-PC" + Windows operating system;

Large program storage capacity. Up to (10) individual users with password protection. USB &  Ethernet network connections.

Flat Screen 15" VGA Color, dust-proof soft key input panel surface, programs can be easily created and recalled at will;

Graphic interface makes programming easy, icon of each unit may be brought up on the screen to show the operator the status of the unit and the parameters which can be programmed;

Edgebander can be operated manually when required, without the necessity to write a program.

Complete with:

  Fixed outboard panel support, sound enclosure over all workstations of the machine, used tooling on the stations and original factory machine documentation. 

  Actual Model is HOLZ-HER AURIGA 1308 XL

    Special Note: SOLD
    Comment: owner states “It was refurbished/purchased by/from HOLZ-HER in 2018 for one major project…it’s been in storage since 2019”
    Written By: Bob Bullin  
    *Dimensions:200" L x 65" W x 70" H
    *Weight:3,200 Lbs
    *Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.