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Model:   GD 250 STS
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   1996
Condition:   Very good condition   
Value New:   $ 375,000
Price:   Please call     (Convert)
Region:   MIDWEST (Click for Regional Map)
EXF #:   DQ-010135  
Description:   (view full)

SCHIENKE GD 250 STS 4-Axis CNC Gun Drill


  Table Dimensions:  120" X 72"  

  Table Capacity:  100,000 lbs

  Gun Drilling Diameter:   1" 

  STS Spindle Drill Diameter:   1/2" - 2-1/2" 

  Gun Drilling Depth:   84"  

     - X-Axis (Cross Table):   118.2"  
     - Y-Axis (Vertical):   58.5"      

  Gun Drilling Spindle Speed:   1,500 - 5,000 RPM

  Gun Drilling Spindle Power:   5 HP

  STS Spindle Drill Speed:   0 - 4,000 RPM

  STS Spindle Power:   30 HP

  Milling Spindle Drill Taper:   50 Series  

  Milling Spindle Drill Speed:   0 - 4,000 RPM

  Milling Spindle Power:   30 HP

  Feed Rate X, Y, and Z-Axis:   0 - 200 IPM

  Feed Rate U, and V-Axis:   0 - 60  IPM

  Feed Rate W-Axis:   0 - 25  IPM

Equipped with:

  New Retrofitted HIEDENHAIN iTNC 530 CNC Control provides full function

  Siemens 611-A AC Servo Package

  CNC Controlled tapping cycles up to 2" NPT utilizing floating tap holders

  Heidenhain LB 301 Scales in X, Y, and Z Axes

  Heidenhain 2500 Line count encoders on U, V, and W Axes

  Schienke Custom Drilling Paramacro's.

  Sandvik STS (Single Tube System) Drilling System allowing for faster, more accurate drilling

  Siemens 1PH4 Water Cooled main spindle motor with chiller units

  Self draining Turbo super Heavy Duty Chip Conveyor System with one swan neck

  Duel Ball Screw Design in X and Y Axes

  Cast construction for vertical and carriage slides

  Rigid weldments for base and column structures

  Full weights compensation for vertical slid

  Traveling operators platform

  Full length Lexan doors, designed to protect the operator from oil spray

  Hanging Pendant type operators control panel

  Telescopic way covers on X-Axis

  Bellows style covers on Y-Axis

  Fully enclosed steel cat tracks

  Full programmable / Positive displacement machine Lubrication system

  Electronically controlled custom coolant system with Digital display and control of coolant volume and pressure from .5 to 62 gallons per minute up to 1,000 PSI

  Fully enclosed coolant tanks and pumping units

  Dual canister filtration system rated for 10 Micron at shop floor level


  30 Horsepower STS spindle can be converted to run large conventional gun drills via the Schienke Kwik change system.

  Separate high performance Gun Drilling spindle for standard Gun Drilling applications. Eliminates machine down time, required by STS changeover spindle

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    Written By: Marvin Spehar  
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