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EXF #:   RA-010219  


Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2000
Condition:   Very good condition   
Elect./Voltage:   400 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New: € 200,000  
Price: €   59,900    Act Now!
Financing:   € 1,204 National Capital Leasing
Region:   EUROPE (Click for Regional Map)


CMS PKX 4800 TUCU 5-Axis CNC Router with Tool Changer;

A very versatile 5-Axis CNC Machine for routing, sizing, milling, triming & boring of composite or wood parts.

  • Matrix vacuum table with threaded holes for attaching fixtures and vacuum jigs; moving bridge style machining center; moving bridge style machining center.
  • Axis strokes & quick positioning speeds: X-axis is 188.9" (4,800 mm) at 177 FPM (54 MPM), Y-axis is 82.6" (2,100 mm) at 177 FMP (54 MPM); Z-axis is 33.4" (850 mm) at 98.4 FPM (30 MPM).
  • B-axis is +/- 135° at 25 RPM.; C-axis is +/-270° at 25 RPM.
  • Equipped with: (1) 6 kW (8 HP), ISO-30 type liquid cooled ATC spindle, variable speed from 3,000 - 27,000 RPM with 16-position tool rack.
  • ECS control operating with large hard disk for program storage, network ready via Ethernet, features 5-axis simultaneous motion, M & G code programming, metric operation.
  • Complete with: Machine encloser, 200 m3/h vacuum pump, safety doors and vacuum lift.
  • “EX-FACTORY’s Logistic Department is experienced and setup to provide “Full Service Logistic” from Overseas Suppliers to your Door. …Packaging, Container Loading, Ocean Freight, Marine Insurance (door to door), US or Canadian Customs, Duty and domestic shipping to your Plant Door.”
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Special Note:
Comment: Great 5 axis machine with vacuum lift.
*Dimensions: Available From Product Manager
*Weight: Please Call
Written By: Bob Dykstra
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.

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