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EXF #:   GD-010713  


Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2016
Condition:   Very good condition   
Elect./Voltage:   220/400/440 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph
Value New: $ 51,500  
Price: Please Call    
Financing:   National Capital Leasing
Region:   NORTHWEST (Click for Regional Map)



Drill Dowel Inserter - Features:

A single-spindle for drilling, dowel insertion unit, and glue injecting unit installed on a carriage moving in the "X" axis. The position for drilling dowel insertion is provided through simple programs through the NC control or third party software.  The Numerical Control interface is intuitive, user-friendly, and very easy to use.

  • Specifications:
     Max. parts length is 1,300 mm (51”); min. parts length is 120 mm (4.7”); parts thickness is 10 - 40 mm (0.4” to 1.5”).
  • Positioning Speed: 
    "X" & "Y" axis positioning speed is 40 MPM (131 FPM), "Z" axis has manual adjustment with a max stroke of 40 mm (1.57").
    The working units travel on precision machine ground ball screws powered by brushless AC Servo motors.
  • Work-Table:
    Working Zones ... (4) with center fence position in up mode, (2) large work zones in down position, (4) hold-down cylinders. 
  • Boring unit:
    The drilling unit is a high-speed unit with a 6,000 RPM spindle and max. drilling depth of 30 mm (1.25"); max. drill bit dia. is 12 mm (0.47"); manual adjustment of depth with digital indicator.  
  •  Dowel Insertion Unit:
    Dowel prepositioning ensuring high repeatability of inserting dowels for each hole; the distance between the dowel insertion unit and the drilling spindle is 32 mm (1.3") for simultaneous drilling and dowel insertion when holes are spaced at 32 mm; Standard dowel dimensions, 8 x 30 mm, max. dowel projection 14 mm (0.551"). 

    The glue tank holds up to 8 liters (3.1 gallons) of glue; the max. glue density is 900 CPS. The glue inserting unit has a flow sensor and electronic adjustment of the amount of glue.  
  • Operator & Machine Control:
    Industrial Numerical Control with "PC" MS Windows-XP Pro. OS, 17” TFT-LCD screen; CD & HD 80 GB, USB port, Ethernet port for network connection, RS-232 serial port for Barcode Scanner, keyboard & mouse.  

    Extremely simple Program Editor, macro & parametric programming. Icon driven, interactive Graphic Operator Interphase.
  • Complete With:
    - 7570061, Transformer 220/440/600V - 50/60 Hz; Original Factory Machine Documentation.
  • Included Options:
    - 7302084, Open Frame Upgrade, ... The machine has an open frame on the left side allowing for processing parts longer than 1300 mm (51").

    - Left Side & Center Stop, ... outfitted with quick release levers for instant up/down positioning of these reference fences.

    - 7510099, Leaser Measuring System, ... measures automatically inserted parts length (x-axis) triggering parametric hole positioning essentially the machine programs itself based on pre-determined parametric criteria. 

    - 7550013, Panel Presence Sensors, ... automatically sensing inserted parts and triggers operation cycle start, elevating the much slower (less efficient) repetitive foot pedal cycle start. 

    Actual Model is BIESSE ELIX K3
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Special Note: S O L D
Comment: This BIESSE ELIX ... CNC Drill Glue Dowel Inserter is loaded & eagar to get back to work!
*Dimensions: Available From Product Manager
*Weight: 2,425 Lbs
Written By: Karl Balg
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.

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