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EX-FACTORY Return Policy

RETURNS. Many times a Buyer will inspect the equipment prior to payment and taking delivery of the equipment. Used Machinery not inspected by the Buyer is covered by the following published return policy as stated on our Invoice:

  • Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the equipment, machinery or material covered by our invoice is sold "as is, where is, and with all faults" with no guarantee or warranty as to condition, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, implied or otherwise.
  • Specifications are correct to the best of our knowledge, obtained from sources deemed reliable. Still, we encourage your inspection prior to the sale to confirm accuracy.
  • The "Sold To" Party/Buyer accepts that this sale is subject to our "Standard Terms & Conditions," a copy of which is attached to the invoice and is also available for review at any time the upon the prospect's or Buyer's request.
  • WARNING: The property or machinery sold under this document is used. It may be incomplete, or may not be equipped with guard or other safety devices necessary for the particular use intended or required under current safety regulations. In all cases, examine carefully for safety deficiencies before operating.
  • If equipment is not as represented, EX-FACTORY INC reserves the right to make repairs to correct the deficiency and/or reimburse the Buyer for incurred expenses provided the Buyer makes notifies in writing said deficiencies within (2) weeks of receipt of the equipment.
  • New equipment is covered by factory warranty for 6 or 12 months against manufacturer's defects.

INFERIOR GOODS & EQUIPMENT. If goods/equipment are significantly inferior than represented and absolutely not acceptable to CUSTOMER, SELLER will immediately refund purchase price, upon return of goods/equipment, freight collect; CUSTOMER must notify SELLER in writing of any deficiencies within (2) weeks of receipt of the equipment.

RETURN SHIPPING COST. If not stated otherwise for a specific sales transaction, the Buyer has to bear the return shipping cost.

REFUNDS. The Buyer's purchase amount is refunded in full if and when equipment is returned prepaid to original shipping point; prior to return, the Buyer must request in writing a Return goods Authorization (RGA) from the Seller within (2) weeks of the receipt of the equipment.