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Model:   QRC 350
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2021
Condition:   Very good condition   
Elect./Voltage:   208/230/440/480, 60 Cy, 3 Ph
EXF #:   WQ-010115
List Price:   $ 220,000  
Our Price:   $ 220,000 USD     (Convert)
Financing: $ 4,373 National Capital Leasing
Description:    (view full)

CLOOS QRC 350 QIROX Welding Robot Cell 

  • Max. load: 15kg 
  • Working space Ø 3400mm 
  • Control V7 Basic 
  • Connecting cable with fixed connection 2.5m
  • Teach pendant with touchscreen with LED-backlight 8.4"
  • Connecting cable PHG as fiber optics 15m 
  • Integrated welding interface    
  • Welding-software  
  • Digital in- and outputs 16 
  • Serial interface  
  • CAN-Bus  
  • Keyboard  
  • USB-interfaces 2
  • Flash memory 8GB
  • Buffer module 24V  
  • Expandable up to 9 external axes  
  • Installation space for peripheral equipment
  • Welding and functionality tests robot incl. one power source in the factory of the supplier  
  • Prepared for interface Qineo / Quinto II  
  • MANAX switching two stations with one control panel  
  • Connecting cable Qirox controller pluggable QRC/H 10 meters    
  • Cover plug panel small ≥ V04 
  • Robot accessories integrated for QRC/QRH  
  • Base plate overhead  
  • Roof cooling unit 900W ETE 900W
  • Point editor in robot control    
  • Software language - As required  
  • Touch sensor Qineo 60V 
  • Touch sensor gas nozzle    
  • Connecting cable gas nozzle sensor Qineo    
  • Arc sensor During welding the CLOOS arc sensor measures whether the torch position is actually following the programmed path. If any deviations occur due to 
         heat distortion for example, the robot tracks the real contour.    
  • Connection cable for arc sensor ≥ V05

    Welding Technology:
  • Qineo Pulse A 600A
  • Operating module premium 5m RPU
  • Wall holder for operating module
  • 2  earth cable(lump sum)
  • Cable Qirox -Qineo CAN Bus 8m
  • Wire drive unit QN-WD-A3 RE/SZ/W/DFW/WEC for Qineo
  • 10 Cable assembly CAW600-H between wire drive unit and power source per meter
  • MRW 388-45° robot welding torch
  • Setting jig for MRW 45°
  • Torch cable CAW-2.65H-SZ-F Qineo QWD-A-SZ/ QWD-AR-SZ QRC
  • CMR-8-C torch cleaning unit overhead 
  • Wire cutter for CMR-8-C 
  • Connecting cable CMR - QIROX Controller 
  • Bracket for CMR 7C 
  • Cleaning cutter for MRW 380/510 evo
  • Support for 300 mm wire coil for wire coils according to DIN 8559
  • Plexiglas cover only in connection with CLOOS barrel wire with connecting piece R3/8"
  • 5 liner f. wire guiding type 13/8 1m
  • 5 protective hose f. wire guiding type blue /18 1m
  • 2 connection nipple f. wire guiding for liner 13/8 and protective hose blue /18

    Robot Peripheral Equipment:
  • Base frame for compact systems with integrated space for cables incl. forklift pockets overhead QR-WP-DH
  • C-6kN  C-frame (for QRX-E)
  • Load capacity  6kN
  • Robot mounting height 2400-3600mm
  • Robot center of rotation  1150-2400mm

  • DH-TC-5kN two-station positioner with horizontal indexing station changeover
  • Max. load per station in N: 5kN
  • Max. nominal torque in Nm: 1000Nm
  • Max. tilting moment in Nm: 2400Nm
  • Mass moment of inertia: 150kgm²
  • Max. turning speed: 120°/sec.
  • Face plate diameter 600mm
  • Clamping length in mm: 2500mm
  • Free turning radius in mm: 750mm

    Interface Control:
  • Integrated interface control incl. voltage supply for one robot and one power source 
  • Central voltage supply Qirox Controller Advanced for a robot and a power source

    Safety Technology:
  • Inquiry for machine protection 1st axis QRC/QRH
  • Light barrier 3 beams with post <8m (Cannot be used with deflector mirror)   
  • Start preselection1 station
  • Swinging door corrugated grid or sheet metal 1 set consisting of: 2 doors, 1x left and 1x right
Special Note:
Written By: Bill Merrigan  
*Dimensions:Available from product manager
*Weight:Please call
*Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.