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Year of Mfg.:   N/A
Condition:   Good Condition   
Elect./Voltage:   575 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   $ 1,200,000
Price:   Please call     (Convert)
Region:   MTN/CENTRAL CDN (Click for Regional Map)
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ANDRITZ (SHANGHAI EQUIPMENT & ENGINEERING CO. Ltd.)  4 Ton/Hr Wood Pellet Manufacturing Plant;

Complete with Dryer System and the following major components:

 Sawdust Raw material receiving Line: 

   247 Cu.Ft Intake Hopper.   

   3 HP Screw Conveyor X 8'0" Long - Cap 423 Cu.Ft/hr. (SDLSS25).

   5 HP x 25'0" High Bucket Elevator - Cap 5-6 Ft./s. (SDDTG36/18).

   45 Cu.Ft Grinding Bin. 

   Rotary Paddle Upper Level Indicator.                   

  1.5 HP Impeller Feeder - cap 5 Ton/Hr. (SDRF5).

   200 HP Hammer Mill - (SDHM6).

   Auto Load Controller.                   

   47.2 " Cyclone. (55-1200).                      

   5 HP Rotary Air Lock (SDGFY7).

   75 HP Hi Pressure Blower (9-26-6.3C).             

   Air Piping.                             

Rotary Drum Dryer complete System: 

   7 Ft Dia. x 40 Ft Long Single Pass Rotary Drum Dryer (HG-2200x12000).

   Dual Cyclones System with Airlocks.

   Connecting Piping.

   Fan 100 HP x 1150 RPM.  

   Gas/BioMass Burner with pipe & Hardware connection.

   Collecting Conveyors with Motors & Drives.                        

  (2) Two Pelleting Systems having each:                            

   ANDRITZ (Shanghai) Pellet Mill Feeder Bin - Cap 81 Cu. Ft.

   Rotary Paddle Upper/Lower level Indicator.

   10 HP Live Bottom Bin (SDTD150).                                           

   3 HP Screw Feeder cap 3 Ton/Hr. (For SDPM520).

   200 HP (2 100 HP/Mill) - V-Belt Pellet Mill - cap 2 Ton/Hr. @6mm. Pellet size (SDPM520-80).

   Twin Motor V-Belt Pellet Mill having 20.5" ID Die x 2 Rolls assembly.

   Automatic Greasing System.

   27.5 " Dia. Cyclone.                            

   2 HP Rotary Airlock (SDGFY20)              

   20 HP Hi Pressure Blower (9-19-5A).

   With complete Air Piping.                                                                              

   Counterflow Cooler x 2 HP - cap 3 T/Hr. (SDCC5A).

   28.6"Dia. SS Cyclone.                            

   Rotary Airlock x 2 HP (SDGFY20).              

  15 HP Hi Pressure Blower (9-19-5A).

   SS Piping.                             

   47.3" Dia. SS Cyclone (50-1200).                        

   15 HP Blower (4-72-5C).

   Rotary Air Lock x 2 HP (SDGFY7).

   SS Air Piping for Cooler.                        

   Transition Hopper.                            

   Screw Feeder x 2 HP - cap 1 Ton/Hr (SDWLL16).

   Two Way Pneumatic Gate (SDSTQ25X25).      

   Screener single Deck Sprout Model 2.5 x 6 Roto-Shaker x 1 HP - Cap 1-3 Ton/Hr. (SDVS 0.4).

   Cable suspending Assembly for above.

Electrical Components

   Electrical Control Panel - 575/3/60.

   All Motors and Reducers.

   All Electric Switches & 3 Phase Starters.

Plant additional accessories Items Options not included n selling price):

   Compressed Air Piping & Access.


   40 HP Screw Type Air Compressor - 118 Cu.Ft/min. (SA-22 8.5 bar).

    Air Holder - 24 Cu.Ft.

   2 HP Air Dryer (IR32R).

   Spare Parts:

 NOTESelling price does not include Dismantling, truck loading and transportation fees.

    Special Note: SOLD
    Comment: A lot of machine & equipment value for the money!
    Written By: Michel Hamel  
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    *Weight:Please call
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