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Model:   HKL 380
Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2010
Condition:   Cleaned and checked   
Elect./Voltage:   380 V, 50 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New:   € 495,000
Price:   € 274,900 EUR     (Convert)
Financing: € 5,464 National Capital Leasing
Region:   EUROPE (Click for Regional Map)
EXF #:   PA-019151  
Description:   (view full)

HOLZMA HKL 380-4300/2200: "Compact Design" Angular Panel Saw System with 40' x 40' footprint. 
Working cap.:

  169" (4,300 mm) Rip & 86.6" (2,200 mm) cross-cut cap., 3.7" (95 mm) saw blade projection; both saw carriages have infinitely variable travel speed from 0 - 492 FPM (0 - 150 MPM).

Rip Cut Section:

  Electronically controlled program fence with (4) Heavy Duty material clamps (open to 3.9" / 100 mm); 0 - 262 FPM (0 - 80 MPM) feed speed forward & 262 FPM (80 MPM) reverse, saw bed panel supports consist of (8) sets of 3-track rollers mounted between panel grippers. 

  18 HP (13.5 kW) Main motor, 2.4 HP (1.8 kW) scoring motor. 

Material out-feed

  Trap door for scrap removal onto intermediate table with 3-track roller supports, incorporated pneumatic jump aligners move the ripped panel stacks to the cross-cut section onto the same type 3-track roller supports in cross-cut saw bed.

  (2) Very heavy side aligners push panel strip stacks against heavy, full length crosscut fence.

Cross-cut Section:

  Electronically controlled program fence with (8) material clamps with (2) fingers ea. (open to 3.9" / 100 mm); 0 - 262 FPM (0 - 80 MPM) feed speed forward & 262 FPM (80 MPM) reverse.

  18 HP (13.5 kW) Main motor, 2.4 HP (1.8 kW) scoring motor; cross-cut saw table with (12) banks of double row, narrowly spaced wear resistant PVC wheels.

  Both rip & cross-cut sections pressure beam equipped with pneumatic rack & pinion on each side for evenly controlled movement, assures smooth operation & precise cutting dimensions.

Operator Controls:

  HOLZMA IPC "Power Control" + "CADMATIC 4.0" operating system; 17" TFT flat screen monitor (displays cutting dimensions & patterns in moving colored graphics).

  Features infinite cutting dimension memory, data input by keyboard or online via network connection.

Powered side & rear load infeed roller system:

  7-ton, 4-post hydraulic lift table 169.2" x 86.6" (4,300 mm x 2,200 mm), lift/load table has driven roller bed; 26.7" (680 mm) max. stack height from floor level, 34.6" (880 mm) max. stack height with pit or risers. 
Complete with:

   Outfeed scrap removal chute,

  (2) Outfeed air float tables 85" x 31.5" (2,160 mm x 800 mm) 

  Electronic setting of stack height, and 2nd aligning device for cross-cutting;

  "POWER LOCK" quick change blade system. 

Option Available:

  Pica 108 label printer

  SCHNITT-PROFI Optimizing software (licence required)

    Special Note:
    Comment: Cleaned and checked prior to shipping
    Written By: Louis Sicotte  
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    *Weight:Please call
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