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EXF #:   GM-010355  


Machine Type:  


Year of Mfg.:   2012
Condition:   Excellent condition   
Elect./Voltage:   400 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph.
Value New: € 6,500,000  
Price: € 1,980,000    Act Now!
Financing:   € 39,353 National Capital Leasing
Region:   EUROPE (Click for Regional Map)


GLASTON / BENTELER / HEGLA Complete Solar Glass Production Line

Top quality European engineered GLASTON / BENTELER / HEGLA Solar Glass fabrication machinery line designed for high production and maximum output per shift. This line is made up of the very best Brand Names in the glass machinery sector, each with exacting standards and quality second to none. The companies represented here are renowned worldwide for their precision engineering and attention to detail.

This complete Solar Line breaks down into (3) distinct sections: 1. Cutting System, 2. Grinding, Drilling and Washing Stations and 3. Glass Tempering System
Complete Solar Glass Production Package Consists Of The Following Equipment Components:

1. HEGLA "OPTIMAX GALACTIC 7033 R" Glass Cutting System With Automatic Breakout For X- And Y-Axis + Conveyors

BBS-7033 Two-sided loading station + Glass racks 
HEGLA Optimax Galactic 7033 R Glass cutting table with glass positioning conveyor 
HEGLA TWK-7533 Belt conveyor
HEGLA STB II 33 Glass breakout machine
HEGLA TW-3333 Belt conveyor
HEGLA Wheel conveyor with turntable
HEGLA TWK-3830 Belt conveyor
HEGLA STB-30 Glass breakout machine 
HEGLA TW-2030 Belt conveyor
HEGLA Wheel conveyor with turntable 
HEGLA E-3025 90° Corner transfer belt/wheel conveyor
HEGLA Unloading Table

Glass thickness range: 3 – 6 mm (1/8" - 1/4")
Glass sizes (row material): Min. 3200 x 2000 mm (126" x 78") / Max. 7000 x 3300 mm (275" x 130")
Glass sizes (finished product): Min. 500 x 500  mm (19-1/2" x 19-1/2") / Max. 1300 x 2500 mm (51" x 98")

2. BENTELER Grinding, Drilling And Washing Machines

BENTELER B1.030 + B1.060 Double-Sided Edge Grinding Machine (edges and corners)
BENTELER B1.090 Drilling Machine
BENTELER E-Save1300 – B1.100 Washing Machine
BENTELER B1.010, B1.020, B1.040, B1.050, B1070, B1 080, B1.095, B1.110, B1.120, B1.130, B1.140, B1.150 Horizontal Conveyors 
Glass thickness range: 2 – 6 mm
Glass sizes: Min.: 450 x 400 mm / Max.: 2500 x 1300 mm
Maximum dimension tolerance before grinding: ± 0,2 mm
Grinding speed: 3 – 16 m/Min (10 - 52 FPM)
Max. grinding speed with corner grinding: 12 m/Min (39 FPM).
Profile of grinding: C or K
Min. loss of each side: 0,3 mm
Corner grinding with profile C: 2 mm ± 1 mm, 45°
Hole position accuracy: ±0,3 mm /1500 mm
Max. feed rate of the drilling spindle: 7000 mm/Min. (275 IPM)
Min. feed rate of the drilling spindle: 15 mm/Min (5/8" per Min)
Speed of the drilling spindle: 900 – 3300 min-1 (RPM)
Transport speed of the washing machine: 3 – 13 m/Min (10 - 42 FPM)

3. GLASTON CHF 2000 Pro™ Continuous Horizontal Tempering Line - 15 x 27 – PT2.85 

GLASTON Loading Table 
GLASTON CHF 2000 Pro™ Tempering Furnace 
GLASTON Quench, Chiller And Cooling Sections
GLASTON Unloading Table 
GLASTON Sound Absorbing Chamber

Glass thickness range: 2.85 – 6 mm (3/32" - 1/4")
Glass type: Clear float/ Low iron glass
Loading area: 1500 x 2500 mm (59" x 98")
Min. glass size: 100 x 500 mm (3-5/8" x 19-1/2") 

Max. glass sizes:
Glass thickness: 2.85 – 2.99 mm / 1300 x 2400 mm
Glass thickness: 3.00 – 3.79 mm / 1300 x 2500 mm
Glass thickness: 3.80 and over / 1500 x 2500 mm

NOTE: This Solar Glass Production Line is in excellent condition and ready for immediate shipment. Please see attached floorplans of each individual section and also overall footprint of the entire line.

NOTE: EX-FACTORY’s Logistic Department is experienced and setup to provide “Full Service Logistics” from Overseas Suppliers to your Door. …Packaging, Container Loading, Ocean Freight, Marine Insurance (door to door), US or Canadian Customs, Duty and domestic shipping to your Plant Door.

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    Special Note: Rare Find
    Comment: So much equipment for a fraction of new....and in this condition!
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    *Weight: Please Call
    Written By: Greg Gibson
    *Dimensions & Weight data are based on 3rd party information and could be incorrect; please verify & confirm if accurate dimensions & weight are required.

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